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Hi i want to join oracle hierarchical query with my main query.


--main query--(contains orgs from any level)
select email, user_id, org
from table1

--hierarchical query-- (contains all low level orgs and table has hierarchical structure)
SELECT distinct org_code
      FROM table2
      START WITH org_code = ***table1.org***
      CONNECT BY PRIOR org_code = org_code_pred;

i am unable to join both queries. the final result should be like this:

email       | name|org | lowlevel_org
abc@xyz.com | abc | 27 | 2710
abc@xyz.com | abc | 27 | 2711
abc@xyz.com | abc | 27 | 2717
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Can you supply table structures with sample data? –  user2480596 Oct 16 '13 at 21:54
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