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I have a django app called "uar" and I refactored the uar/models.py so that there are base classes in uar_common/models.py - for instance instead of

class ReviewPerson(models.Model):

I have

class ReviewPerson(uar_common.models.CommonPerson):

I added uar_common to the INSTALLED_APPS in the settings.py, and my app works fine. But my celery tasks, which worked fine in the past, don't work any more. I start it with python manage.py celery worker --loglevel=debug as always, but now it dies immediately with a stack trace that ends with:

File "/home/ptomblin/src/cart/uar/models.py", line 8, in <module>
  class ReviewPerson(uar_common.models.CommonPerson):
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'models'

If I just run python manage.py shell, I can do

from uar.models import ReviewPerson
rp = ReviewPerson.objects.get(review=2, last_name='Tomblin', first_name='Paul')

and it has no problem importing the model and find the correct record.

So why can't djcelery find the new base class?

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I added the following to CELERY_IMPORTS


And now it's working.

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