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function Product(name) { = ko.observable(name);

function ProductViewModel() {
  var self = this;
  self.products = ko.observableArray();
  $.getJSON("/admin/test", function(allData) {
    var mappedProducts = $.map(allData, function(item) { return new Product( });

ko.applyBindings(new ProductViewModel());

Problem: while allData and mappedProducts are properly set (just an array of products with name and some other field), the line console.log(self.products); is printing an empty array.

I am really confused, i am at first approach with KO but this seems the very same code from the tutorials... im just using products instead of tasks. I'm sure i'm missing something silly.

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You should log the thing inside the observable instead of the observable itself:


See this fiddle for a demo with your code in it.

In the question's situation it depends on the browser what will get logged. Granted, Chrome is somewhat confusing:


Seems like an empty array. Internet Explorer 10 makes more sense, outputting:

function c(){if(0<arguments.length)return c.equalityComparer&&c.equalityComparer(d,arguments[0])||(c.K(),d=arguments[0],c.J()),this;;return d}

That is: the fact that self.products is in fact a function (an observable). Firefox is in between, outputting:


Not as helpful as IE10, but not as confusing as Chrome either.

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This is for setting the observable :


And this is for getting the value of an observbale or a computed

var mappedProducts = self.products();

Notice the parenthesis.

I hope it helps.

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