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I created multisite with different databases by copying original database. One domain is main and subdomains should have pretty much the same structure but separate content partially. However, I need for nodes of particular content type on subdomains to be the same as on main domain.

I wrote a module which displays teasers of nodes I need from the main domain database using db_set_active() function but if you go to node page from there it loads node from the subdomain database. But I need for nodes of one type to be loaded from the original database.

I tried to use hook_node_load() but it seems that you can't select database there. Or you can?

Anyway, I would appreciate any help.

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I have used db_set_active(); successfully to do something similar but to answer the question I need a snippet of the code. Also remember that after you have run the query to return back to the correct DB. –  Daniel Harper Oct 17 '13 at 9:01
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