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I use kylefox jquery modal plugin (http://kylefox.ca/jquery-modal/examples/) for open modal windows.

In modal window i need to send form data (POST) with Ajax, but when i send this data, modal window will close and opened page (from form action url).

My code:

    if ($song->isDedication):
        $rmessage = stripslashes($_REQUEST['rmessage']);
        $dedicationMessage = Text2Html(trim($rmessage));
        $dedicationName = stripslashes($_REQUEST['rname']);
        <div id="dedicationMessage">"<?php echo $dedicationMessage; ?>"</div>
        <div id="dedicationName">Requested by: <?php echo $dedicationName; ?></div>

    <?php else: ?>
        <form method="post" action="/request.php">
            <?php InputHidden("requestID", $song->requestID, 0); ?>
            <?php InputHidden("songID", $song->ID, 0); ?>
            Your name:<br/>
            <input type="text" name="rname" size="30"/><br/>
            Your Message:<br/>
            <textarea rows="4" name="rmessage" cols="24"></textarea><br/>
            <input type="submit" value="Send" name="B1" rel="modal:open" />

    <?php endif; ?>

Try to find simple solution for this, but can't using it in conjunction with modal plugin. If it possible, help me to find solution..

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