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This is a follow up to this question: How do I get my model to my Directive?

The directive is displaying the data, but the ng-click does nothing.

my partial page looks like this now:

<div>selected user:{{selectedUser.UserName}} </div>

<div user-list data-users="users"></div>

and my directive now looks like this:

tsUui.directive('userList', function(){
        restrict: 'A',
        template: '<table>'+
                        '<th>User Name</th>'+
                        '<th>First Name</th>'+
                        '<th>Last Name</th>'+
                        '<th>Email Address</th>'+
                    '<tr ng-repeat="user in users" ng-click="selectUser(user)">'+
                selectedUser: '=',
                users: '='
        link: function (scope, elem, attrs){
            scope.selectUser = function(user){

the data is displaying properly, but when I click on a row nothing happens: no console logs, the selected user doesn't change...nothing. What am i doing wrong?

Edit: the console is logging it, but the selected user binding doesn't change...

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Apparently you have to do it like this:


also I changed the partial to this:

<div>selected user:{{selection.UserName}} </div>

<div user-list data-users="users" selected-user="selection"></div>
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