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there is a login in the app which does something as it

this is in production and could not be modified

xconec = Sqlstringconnect("Driver={SQL Server};Server=laptop001;Database=Master;Uid=sa;Pwd=sa;") 

&& syslanguages es una tabla que se encuentra contenida en la BD Master de SQL Server 

xselect = "SELECT * from syslanguages" 

xenvio = SQLExec(xconec,xselect,"Micursor") 

then always in all form or prg in fox i am using a code similar to

xenvio = SQLExec(xconec,xselect,"Micursor") 

then if i do it in all modules, how can i get my connection? well i need user,db,password,server this is because i want to call a c# app (an exe) which is going to connect to the same server/database for do inserts. but i have only xconect variable

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xpassword = SQLGETPROP(xconect, "Password")


xstring = SQLGETPROP(xconect, "ConnectString")

and then parse xstring for the pieces that you're looking for.

This works in VFP 9, not sure about VFP 6.

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xpassword = SQLGETPROP(xconect, "Password") return "", but xstring = SQLGETPROP(xconect, "ConnectString") does return the connection string, i will try to work with this –  angel Oct 17 '13 at 21:13
xpassword = SQLGETPROP(xconect, "Password") returned "" for me as well, but I was hoping it was because the connection I tested it on is using "Trusted Connection=Yes". –  LAK Oct 18 '13 at 14:15

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