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I'm new to Oozie and I'm trying to install and setup. I've been following the instructions as provided on the apache site "http://oozie.apache.org/docs/3.3.2/DG_QuickStart.html#Building_Oozie". I have been able to complete the following

  1. Build the distribution executing ./mkdistro.sh -DskipTests.
  2. Downloaded ExtJs 2.2 and exploded into a folder libext
  3. I already have hadoop 1.1.2 installed and working on ubuntu 12.04 in the AWS instance.
  4. The cluster is setup as a pseudo-distributed as I'm learning
  5. Updated the core-site.xml with the code below. The

  6. Executed oozie-setup.sh prepare-war -hadoop $HADOOP_HOME 0.20.2 -extjs libext received the message "oozie ready to be started"

  7. Executed ooziedb.sh create -sqlfile oozie.sql -run Db created successfully.
  8. Executed

    oozied.sh start

    No errors reported just variable values printed.

  9. I opened the catalina.out file and see the following message

Oct 16, 2013 6:56:10 PM org.apache.tomcat.util.digester.SetPropertiesRule begin WARNING: [SetPropertiesRule]{Server} Setting property 'port' to '${oozie.admin.port}' did not find a matching property. Oct 16, 2013 6:56:11 PM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: /vol-cbe153a/jdk1.6.0_45/jre/lib/amd64/server:/vol-cbe153a/jdk1.6.0_45/jre/lib/amd64:/vol-cbe153a/jdk1.6.0_45/jre/../lib/amd64:/usr/java/packages/lib/amd64:/usr/lib64:/lib64:/lib:/usr/lib Oct 16, 2013 6:56:11 PM org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11Protocol init INFO: Initializing Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-0 Oct 16, 2013 6:56:11 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina load INFO: Initialization processed in 1488 ms Oct 16, 2013 6:56:11 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardService start INFO: Starting service Catalina Oct 16, 2013 6:56:11 PM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngine start INFO: Starting Servlet Engine: Apache Tomcat/6.0.36 Oct 16, 2013 6:56:11 PM org.apache.catalina.startup.HostConfig deployDescriptor INFO: Deploying configuration descriptor oozie.xml

ERROR: Oozie could not be started

REASON: org.apache.oozie.service.ServiceException: E0000: System property 'oozie.home.dir' not defined


org.apache.oozie.service.ServiceException: E0000: System property 'oozie.home.dir' not defined at org.apache.oozie.service.Services.setOozieHome(Services.java:80) at org.apache.oozie.service.Services.(Services.java:101) at org.apache.oozie.servlet.ServicesLoader.contextInitialized(ServicesLoader.java:38)

Can somebody help me on where the Oozie.home.dir property needs to be set?.


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setting oozie home in .profile would be enough export OOZIE_HOME=/home/<user>/oozie-3.2.0-cdh4.1.2 export PATH=/home/<user>/oozie-3.2.0-cdh4.1.2/bin: –  K S Nidhin Oct 17 '13 at 8:38
I already have $OOZIE_HOME set in .profile and PATH variable is also having the entry for $OOZIE_HOME/bin. Still the same problem. –  venBigData Oct 17 '13 at 13:50

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No need to export OOZIE PATH,It creates automatically.Did you build against your Hadoop version since it builds against 1.1.1 by default? You may also need to modify POM.XML for your hadoop version.I have just installed oozie 3.3.1 on Hadoop 1.2.1 with same qualification like yours on AWS.

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Thank you for your response. Based on the responses, I've turned to the vanilla oozie 3.3.1 with hadoop 1.1.1 (default). I followed all the steps. Still it fails at the step where oozie-start.sh (or oozied.sh start). This time I opened, catalina.out file and noticed the following error –  venBigData Oct 24 '13 at 17:08
ERROR: Oozie could not be started REASON: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/configuration/Configuration Stacktrace: ----------------------------------------------------------------- java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/configuration/Configuration at org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib.DefaultMetricsSystem.<init>(DefaultMetricsSystem.‌​java:37) at org.apache.hadoop.metrics2.lib.DefaultMetricsSystem.<clinit>(DefaultMetricsSyste‌​m.java:34) at org.apache.hadoop.security.UgiInstrumentation.create(UgiInstrumentation.java:51) –  venBigData Oct 24 '13 at 17:35
Hi,After a while of debugging I happened to notice that the classpath was not getting set properly. I opened catalina.sh file and commented the like "CLASSPATH= ". This retained by CLASSPATH and oozie was successfully started. I'm not able to view localhost:11000/oozie. It shows a page which indicates "OOZIE WEB CONSOLE IS DISABLE". this is due to ExtJS library not being recognized. Any idea on how to enable it?. –  venBigData Oct 24 '13 at 19:03
You can follow the configuration guide.oozie.apache.org/docs/3.3.2/DG_QuickStart.html –  Pratik Oct 25 '13 at 17:08

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