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In the documentation for Media-Layouts, you have the choice of specifying either the min-width argument, or the layout argument, or both:

// $media-layout: <min-width> <layout> <max-width> <ie-fallback>;
// - You must supply either <min-width> or <layout>.
$media-layout: 12;          // Use 12-col layout at matching min-width.

When the min-width argument is omitted (as above), how is this calculated? Is the min-width a set percentage of the specified $column-width?

I am currently using the min-width-only approach, because it seems like the cleanest way to use Susy, but I'm not actually sure how it works.

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Directly from the source on github:

// Neither $min nor $max:
// We can create a breakpoint based on the number of columns in the layout.
$min: fix-ems(container-outer-width($width: false));

When only a layout is passed, Susy is creating min-width breakpoint to match the width of the container. When no layout is passed, there's a call to get-layout(), which finds the first layout larger than your given $min value.

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