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I understand that there are already questions out there asking the same thing however, I still had no luck in implementing an "X" button in the corner of a Form Sheet Modal View.

A perfect example of what I am trying to implement can be seen in the screenshot HERE. (Would appreciate it if somebody of >= 10 rep could help me edit this post by posting this image up here. Thanks).

In a vain attempt, I have tried implementing a UIButton In the viewDidLoad of the modal view's View Controller class with a frame of CGRectMake(-10, -10, 20, 20) but as expected, the button doesn't "Hover" at the top left corner of the modal view as intended.

Some of the questions that I've stumbled upon:

I have already got "Tap outside modal view to dismiss" working, and now I need to had that little close button at the top for HCI sake. Thank you for your time! Cheers!

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Without seeing your code it is hard to offer a code level assistance, but I believe that you may find your answer within the codes of this cocoa control github source code. It has a modal pop up and an x button to dismiss it. You can add any type of uiview to it. For whatever is worth, here is the link to the source code:


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