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I have a batch file I would like to search a folder for any xlsm file updated today. If it finds an xlsm file from today, it then runs another bat file. If there is no updated file it should run a .vbs file (to send an email) and then exit.

Currently I have the following:

@echo off
set var=%date:~-10%
dir "*.xlsm"|find "%var%">nul&&CALL Update.bat||EXIT

I think I probably need to include some sort of IF/ELSE instead of the current method, but my skills are lacking..

EDIT: The actual solution I've gone with, based on the answer from @Monacraft is:

@echo off
forfiles /p C:\ /m *.xlsm /d 0 /c "cmd /c call Update.bat"
if ERRORLEVEL 1 start FailEmail.vbs
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If using windows 7 you could do forfiles:

@echo off
set found=FALSE

forfiles /p "C:\...[path to folder]" /m *.xlsm /d +1 /c "cmd /c Echo Updating...&CALL Update.bat&set found=TRUE"

if /i %found%==False (
start email.vbs
) else (

And that should work fine


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Thanks Mona, but it is running the .vbs instead of the .bat no matter when the .xlsm is updated. – Slingy Oct 17 '13 at 3:30
Yea, isn't that what you wanted? – Monacraft Oct 17 '13 at 3:31
Sorry, I must not have explained very well! If an xlsm from today is found, then it should run the update.bat If there is no xlsm from today, it should just run the FailEmail.vbs and exit. – Slingy Oct 17 '13 at 3:39
Type forfiles /? and you can customise it to do what you want. – Monacraft Oct 17 '13 at 3:46
I've changed it around a bit. Below is the output I'm getting.. Not sure how to get found set to TRUE. C:\>forfiles /p "C:\" /m *.txt /d +0 /c "cmd /c set found=TRUE" ERROR: Invalid argument/option - 'found=TRUE'. – Slingy Oct 17 '13 at 4:08

This worked for me:

@echo off
forfiles /p C:\ /m *.xlsm /d 0 /c "cmd /c call Update.bat"
if ERRORLEVEL 1 start FailEmail.vbs
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I think your code should work - some small changes here.

It will just echo the commands to the screen, for you to test.

One point to consider is that the DIR command will also match *.xls files in the short name.

@echo off
set "var=%date:~-10%"
dir "*.xlsm"|find "%var%">nul && (echo CALL Update.bat) || (echo start failemail.vbs)
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Have worked out a method with forfiles @echo off<br/> forfiles /p C:\ /m *.xlsm /d 0 /c "cmd /c call Update.bat"<br/> if ERRORLEVEL 1 start FailEmail.vbs<br/> This way, I get an error if there are no files updated today, so it doesn't run Update.bat That gives me an error, so I figured I'd use that to kick off the vbs. Cheers :-) – Slingy Oct 17 '13 at 5:30

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