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Typically if I need to make a histogram with labels I will use hist(rnorm(100),labels=TRUE). However if my data is factors then I need to use plot(as.factor(c("a","a","b"))). The issue with this is that labels=TRUE will not work with plot; how do I fix this?

I preferably want a solution without needing to load fancy packages.

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You are actually creating a bar plot in the second example

The following will work

 # your variable
 fact <- as.factor(c('a','a','b'))
 b <- plot(fact)
 text(x=b,y=c(table(fact)), label = c(table(fact)),xpd=TRUE,col='blue')

enter image description here

You could wrap it as function plot.factor.

plot.factor <- function(x ,..., label=TRUE) { 

  cc <- table(x)
  b <- barplot(cc,...)
  if (label){
    text(x = b, y = c(cc), label = c(cc), xpd = TRUE, col = 'blue')

# Then

# would produce the same result
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@agstudy Indeed..... and done –  mnel Oct 17 '13 at 5:43

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