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I'm attempting to use jade in meteor with this package https://github.com/SimonDegraeve/meteor-jade-handlebars

I'm on a windows machine. I've so far managed to use most meteorite packages by following the instructions here (www.discovermeteor.com/2013/03/20/using-meteor-and-atmopshere-on-windows/)

When i run 'meteor' on my project with .jade files, I'm getting this error:

While building the application:
client\todos.jade: Jade compiler error: Cannot read property 'length' of undefin

=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.
Terminate batch job (Y/N)?

I tried to use this new fork too -> https://github.com/kynan/meteor-jade-handlebars/tree/refactor-for-meteor-0.6.5

Same problem.

I further tested this in a Linux machine and it works perfectly. I have no idea why this is failing with the above mention error on windows.

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To diagnose this issue further you'll need to pin down which use of length is cause the problem and therefore where the undefined value came from. It is unfortunate that there isn't a stack trace output - maybe you could try modifying the jade package to print out the stack when the error occurs? –  StephenD Oct 17 '13 at 20:12
Same here, also using the new fork by kynan. If a character is in the .jade file it throws the error, when the file is empty it works. –  Tim Dec 9 '13 at 12:16

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Try adding a blank extra line to the end of your file. For example, an extra line would be needed here.

    h1 Hello!
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I've been dealing with a lot of problems getting jade-templating to work with meteor, but finally got it to work.. Here's how:

Add this to smart.json, belt-jade-handlebars is jade for newer versions of meteor:

"packages": {
  "belt-jade-handlebars": {}

Add this to .meteor/packages:


And finally add the extra blank line to all *.jade files. ( suggested by user3064375 )

Start the app by using:

$ meteor run --release template-engine-preview-3

This will use the latest template engine and start meteor.

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