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I want to sending bulk SMS with Twilio is this possible with Twilio exists API. I have searching few hours with google, but can't find acceptable answers. So, I decide to asking at here. Thanks in advance.

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You haven't mentioned platform for which you want to use this API – Null n Void Oct 17 '13 at 5:45

SMS and MMS Quickstart Tutorial

This sample is using a dictionary to send messages to group of people, see at following sample code in above link.

// make an associative array of people we know, indexed by phone number
    var people = new Dictionary<string,string>() { 
        {"+14158675309","Curious George"},

More Over as You have mentioned BULK Messaging I would like you to have a look at their policy of Do's and Dont's also at this link

and look for section Sending mass marketing or bulk messaging using Twilio long code phone numbers

Have a look at

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Yes and no, yes you can send 'batch' MMS by iterating thru a list of numbers you want to send to, but if you plan on sending a lot, you are going to want to lease a short-code (for about $1000/month) in order to qualify for the higher sending limits.

With a regular number you can send at most one message per second. With a shortcode, you can up that to 30 messages per second.

You might be able to get away with low-level 'bulk' sms on a regular twilio number, but don't be surprised if you get shut down if you are spamming or violating the terms of use (see Boosters post above for the link).

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Just to be clear, you can make requests to the Twilio REST API as fast as you want, however, Twilio will queue outbound sms messages and release them at a rate of one per second. – Devin Rader Oct 18 '13 at 13:53

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