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Sorry if the title is too long.

But anyways...

I'm trying to create a website with WordPress where people can:

  1. create their own profile
  2. post their own content, and categorize it to show up on a specific page.
  3. see recently posted content as it's displayed on a live feed on the homepage.

My biggest concern is that I want to style the posts to a specific format so that all the posts created by users has a fixed style automatically as it soon as it's posted. The problem is that I don't know where to edit the code in WordPress to have uniformed posts (not talking about comments).

The post is supposed to be updated live to the homepage in a clean, summarized display, where after it is clicked on, leads to the full post.

Anyone know how I could go about doing this? Thanks (in advance) for taking the time to help me.

If they're are seemingly accurate posts to this problem, please feel free to redirect me to them. Thank you!

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