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I can't figure out how to initialize an empty array of tuples. The manual says:

The type of a tuple of values is the tuple of types of values... Accordingly, a tuple of types can be used anywhere a type is expected.

Yet this does not work:

myarray = (Int64,Int64)[]

But this does:


It would seem a type is expected in front of the empty square brackets, but the tuple type doesn't work. This <type>[] syntax is the only way I can find to get an empty typed Array (other methods seem to produce a bunch of #undef values). Is the only way to do it, and if it is, how can I type the Array with tuples?

BTW, my use case is creating an array of initially indeterminate length and pushing tuples onto it in a loop.

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You can do Array((Int,Int),0) for this. It is probably feasible to add methods to getindex to make (Int,Int)[] work, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Feel free to open an issue.

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Thanks! Your solution works and I've added the issue. I think it's definitely worth it-- it's really confusing when the actual language syntax is not consistent with what the manual says. –  Sean Mackesey Oct 17 '13 at 16:24

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