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For a simple RESTful JSON api implemented in Spring MVC, can I use Bean Validation (JSR-303) to validate the path variables passed into the handler method?

For example:

 @RequestMapping(value = "/number/{customerNumber}")
 public ResponseObject searchByNumber(@PathVariable("customerNumber") String customerNumber) {

Here, I need to validate the customerNumber variables's length using Bean validation. Is this possible with Spring MVC v3.x.x? If not, what's the best approach for this type of validations?


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Spring does not support @Valid on @PathVariable annotated parameters in handler methods. There was an Improvement request, but it is still unresolved.

Your best bet is to just do your custom validation in the handler method body.

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Path variable may not be linked with any bean in your system. What do you want to annotate with JSR-303 annotations? To validate path variable you should use this approach Problem validating @PathVariable url on spring 3 mvc

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The link you've given says: "If the PathVariable parameter fails validation, then Spring will add the error to the request's BindingResult automatically, you don't need to do that yourself." Does that mean bean validation is possible on @PathVariable params? It doesn't clearly say whether it is possible or not. May be I'm mis-understanding. I've tried it the same way as suggested but the Binding result does not have any errors when validation fails. –  Grover Oct 17 '13 at 23:14

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