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I am currently working on a large C project and we recently added an open-source piece of code that takes care of the entire report-generation tasks, for one part. This code works just fine to our needs but the problem is that it neither has any documentation nor any comments to support what is happening in the code.

We as a team do not really want to spend time understanding this code line-by-line, rather what we are looking for is a TOOL that could accommodate this task for us.

What we really want is a TOOL that could go through this code and generate a flow-chart or proper documentation of the code-flow. This can lessen our work.

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I would suggest Doxygen. Beside documenting projects from doc strings in source code, it has capabilities to generate class diagrams, function call diagrams, relate data structures to functions which process them, etc, from any source tree. It perfectly supports C/C++ and I think Java and Python are on their roadmap too.

I should clarify that I have not tried it my self. I would be glad to hear from you about how effective this feature is.

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