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I want to replace square brackets in string with REGEXP_REPLACE function. Even I escape these chracters it's not replacing

select regexp_replace('VMI[[DATA]]INFO', '[\[\]]', '_') from dual;



How can we do this? Am I missing something?

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You can do it like this:

select regexp_replace('VMI[[DATA]]INFO', '\[|\]', '_') from dual;

But I don't think that regular expressions are needed here, you can also use TRANSLATE

select translate('VMI[[DATA]]INFO', '[]', '__') from dual;

Here is a sqlfiddle demo

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As a developer have common tendency to use regular expression for replacing and have no idea about translate() function of oracle. Now I am using translate() as suggested by you. Thanks – Pokuri Oct 17 '13 at 8:04

Inside character classes, you don't need escapes. Special rules apply for -, ] and ^, for obvious reasons (see e.g. List of metacharacters for MySQL square brackets )

So in your case, you can use

select regexp_replace('VMI[[DATA]]INFO', '[][]', '_') from dual;

but I agree with @A.B.Cade - regular expresssions are overkill for this.

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