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I need delivery changes from backend(Django) to Meteor. A do that through RabbitMQ, at Meteor's side I use amqp from npm. I send information about orders, sometimes order can change state to 'Close' and that means what I need just remove it from Meteor collection. But when load is increase sometimes 'close' action recived early then it's create and I have discrepancy between backend and frontend. Is it possiable to start amqp listener at one thread at the meteor side. Or how I can fight against this problem?

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You have 2 options here:

  1. Don't instantly remove documents from the collection, but mark them as 'closed'. In this case client will subscibe only to unclosed documents. You can remove old & closed documents periodically, or after some some delay (i.e. by using Meteor.setTimeout)

  2. On the meteor side, create a queue of 'close' actions that have no corresponding documents. Then, when a new document is created, check the queue if it should be immediately closed.

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Have you thought about using smart-collections in your Meteor application, you could directly update your MongoDB Collection in your Python code, and have the changes propagate directly to your Meteor application, eliminating the need for a messaging queue.

I've read in a few places that Smart Collections are a lot faster than Meteor's Collection implementations because of it using the oplog. It's also going to be implemented in the core soon.

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When you update Database directly, you have lost animation and updates goes from polling this is about 3 seconds. – Denis Nov 26 '13 at 12:51

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