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My cakephp app is running on 2.4.0

It is already running live on yourapp.com

I am attempting to use Amazon CloudFront to serve static assets like css, js, and images.

The CDN domain I chose was cdn.yourapp.com

Sadly, when I tried to use it this way:

echo $this->Html->css('alpha_landing/styles', array('fullBase' => $cdnBaseUrl));

where $cdnBaseUrl is http://cdn.yourapp.com/

I did not get back the correct url I was expecting.

I was expecting


But I got back


How can I overcome this problem?

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echo $this->Html->css('alpha_landing/styles', array(
'fullBase' => true,

Try this one

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Two solutions:

Simply write a HtmlHelper that can override the default image, css, etc functions

See http://stackoverflow.com/a/9601207/80353 for details


you can rewrite the assetUrl function in your AppHelper so that you need not rewrite all the related functions.

public function assetUrl($path, $options = array()) {
    $cdnBaseUrl = Configure::read('App.assetsUrl');
    $legitCDN = (strpos($cdnBaseUrl, '://') !== false);
    if (is_array($path)) {
        $path = $this->url($path, !empty($options['fullBase']));
        if ($legitCDN) {
            return rtrim($cdnBaseUrl, '/') . '/' . ltrim($path, '/');
        return $path;
    if (strpos($path, '://') !== false) {
        return $path;
    if (!array_key_exists('plugin', $options) || $options['plugin'] !== false) {
        list($plugin, $path) = $this->_View->pluginSplit($path, false);
    if (!empty($options['pathPrefix']) && $path[0] !== '/') {
        $path = $options['pathPrefix'] . $path;
    if (
        !empty($options['ext']) &&
        strpos($path, '?') === false &&
        substr($path, -strlen($options['ext'])) !== $options['ext']
    ) {
        $path .= $options['ext'];
    if (isset($plugin)) {
        $path = Inflector::underscore($plugin) . '/' . $path;

    $path = $this->_encodeUrl($this->assetTimestamp($this->webroot($path)));
    if ($legitCDN) {
        $path = rtrim($cdnBaseUrl, '/') . '/' . ltrim($path, '/');
    return $path;

This is the sample code for the assetUrl

props to @lorenzo at https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/2149 for this solution

P.S.: I have rewritten the above as a Plugin.

So you can simply have the AppHelper extend this CDNAppHelper instead.


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If you are looking for simplest stuff just update few parameters in end of your core.php file

Configure::write('App.imageBaseUrl', 'http://cdn.yourdomain.com/img/');    
Configure::write('App.cssBaseUrl', 'http://cdn.yourdomain.com/css/');    
Configure::write('App.jsBaseUrl', 'http://cdn.yourdomain.com/js/');    
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