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As we now mediaelements.js works well on wordpress post with any audio video link with full address like http://audio.mp3 or http://video.mp4

we can use shortcode like this [audio src="audio.mp3 "]

and all works well. But.. how i can do that with streaming URL?


[audio src="http://livestream.rfn.ru:8080/rrzonam/mp3_128kbps"]

[audio mp3="http://livestream.rfn.ru:8080/rrzonam/mp3_128kbps"]

is not work. I cheated a little bit:

[audio mp3="http://livestream.rfn.ru:8080/rrzonam/mp3_128kbps?.mp3"] 

and this work but... it is not true way) Can you say to me true way creating streaming with shortcode in wordpress without third party scripts and plugins?

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Why, why, it is not "true way"? It works out of the box, man, no plugins, nothing. It is perfect, no!? –  brasofilo Oct 17 '13 at 10:42
That's a great solution! –  bonger Aug 16 '14 at 18:44

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