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I have just moved a Magento install from one server to another, and this is a change of domain too. I have moved all files from one /httpdocs directory to another /httpdocs directory.

I have uploaded the new database and imported the data as well as updated the local.xml file to point to the new database.

But when the site loads I get a default looking Magento page, rather than the correctly skinned Magento store.

Is there some config I have missed?

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Make changes in your DB :

In core_config_data table, the values you need to change are in the path column. Change the web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url to match the new domain name by altering the value column for both records.

After that clear all catch, may you forget to do this step.

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The answer is here, look at step 4.

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Log in to admin panel and go to System->Configuration->GENERAL/Design

Open package and themes, then set your custom package & themes name here. After that clear all cache from System->Manage Cache.

Hope it will work!

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