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I come from an quite unsuccessful experience with MacVim. Vim is great but I am quite lazy and I don't have time to learn Vim scripting.

So I switched to gedit where I hope to use python directly (that is my favorite language). I would love to know how to do these 4 basic things:

  1. Write a python script that is activated by a shortcut.
  2. Take the selected text (or all the file) as the input of a python script
  3. Print the output in place of the input (or after or in a new line)
  4. Make the command available (clickable) in the menu bar.
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You can import the gedit API using

from gi.repository import GObject, Gedit

The python file created should be present along with .plugin file. This can be then loaded by Gedit.

There are extension interfaces which have to be used depending on the plugin.

This is a good tutorial I found on google.

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