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I have multiple levels of div class elements out of which I need to find just a particular elements and get the text value and store in a variable.

<div class="Serial">
<p> … </p>
    <a href="mailto:xyz@xyz.com">
        Mr. XYZ
<p> … </p>
<p> … </p>

So, we have 4 different paragraphs out of which I need to only read second paragraph and save the email ID to a variable. When I use the following code,


I get all the 4 paragraph information. Is there anyway I can specify which paragraph to read within the div class? I know for sure the order doesn't change and I only want to read 2nd p element. Appreciate your help.

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If you're having trouble getting the correct xpath, I would recommend trying out cssselect which converts CSS selectors to xpaths. Might make it easier to work out which element(s) you are selecting. –  Michael Schuller Oct 17 '13 at 10:20

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You could try accessing the <p> tag by giving xpath as find_element_by_xpath("//div[@class='Serial']/p[2]/span/a") to access the email id present in the second paragraph.

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I think this is not completely correct to rely on order of paragraphs - one day it may change, and those who will come after you can be slightly confused by p[2]. As you need to find text from paragraph with email link, I believe this XPath would do the trick:

//p[span/a[starts-with(@href, 'mailto:')]]
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