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Is there a way to configure the Right Margin (columns) (under Code Style -> General) on a per project basis?

OR/AND is there a way to configure that same value on a per language basis. For example, I want my Java code to end at 90 columns, but my HTML to end at 120.


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If you choose Scheme: Project, does that achieve per-project configuration for you? –  vikingsteve Oct 17 '13 at 10:39
Yes, it does! Thank you! Do you know the answer to my second part of the question, i.e., making right margin different depending on what language it is (e.g., HTML vs Java)? –  user1902183 Oct 17 '13 at 15:14

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Sure, if you choose Scheme: Project, that allows per-project configuration.

Unfortunately there is no feature to make the right margin different based on language.

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A bit confusing, the settings says "Project settings" in the Preferences window, but they are only per project if you actually set the Scheme to "Project". –  joscarsson Feb 10 '14 at 14:41

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