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I want to allow the user to edit forms in an application, e.g. set the label of a field, but I want the user to enjoy to power of Angular's interpolation to create dynamic forms.

When it comes to labels this is easy, with a costume directive

But when it comes to attributes, this is more difficult. Suppose I want to let the user set a relevance equation for a question, e.g. movieRating.relevant='{{seenMovie===true}}'.

I currently solve this by calling interpolate on the interpolated variable.


<div class="control-group" ng-show="interpolate('{{ movieRating.relevant }}')">
    <!--  field html -->


scope.interpolate = function(text, mustHaveExpression, trustedContext) {
    $interpolate(text, mustHaveExpression, trustedContext)(scope)

I'm looking for a more Angular way to do it (something that would use $compile for instance).

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is this similar? stackoverflow.com/questions/17945800/… –  Eduard Gamonal Oct 17 '13 at 12:14
It's similar, but doesn't solve my problem because I want "double interpolation" for attributes and this does it for content. –  tepez Oct 17 '13 at 16:12

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