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Using TortoiseSVN 1.6.16 and SVN server (svnserve) 1.6.11, when I try to 'Merge - Reintegrate a branch' I get this error:

SVN merge reintegrate fails with error: (retrieval of mergeinfo unsupported)

Recommendations elsewhere tell me that this message occurs when either the client or server is older than 1.5, but this does not help me.

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you're still using 1.6?! Upgrade today. –  gbjbaanb Oct 17 '13 at 11:55

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The problem is the repository format version, which is not automatically updated when the server is.

I have admin access to the repository, so checking <path_to_repo>/db/format showed 2 which corresponds to server version 1.4. I backed up the repository:

svnadmin dump <path_to_repo> | gzip > afullrepobackupname.svn.gz

and upgraded it:

svnadmin upgrade <path_to_repo>

Now <path_to_repo>/db/format contains:

layout linear

which corresponds to server version 1.6 (3 would be 1.5).

Now my TortoiseSVN can 'Merge - Reintegrate a branch' successfully.

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