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This question is related to this one.

I need to use the winmm function waveInMessage using the above mentioned constant. I can find a bunch of similar defines (such as DRV_QUERYDEVICEINTERFACE) in the mmddk.h, but the pair DRV_QUERYFUNCTIONINSTANCEID and DRV_QUERYFUNCTIONINSTANCEIDSIZE is not. They are mentioned in the MSDN document entitled "Device Roles for Legacy Windows Multimedia Applications", which makes no reference to header files used in the example.

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#include <mmddk.h>

What compiler are you using?

  • Download the latest Platform SDK for Windows if you're using VC++.
  • In case of, e.g MinGW, new headers should be available.

I bet your problem is related to old header files.

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Thanks! I was using an old SDK... I was able to find it on the WinDDK 6001.18001 –  Padu Merloti Dec 21 '09 at 21:10
-1 mmddk.h is not in the PlatformSDK. Padu Merloti's comment is correct about it being in the WinDDK. –  paleozogt Aug 31 '11 at 19:15

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