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I am using Jquery mobile with phone gap to write a mobile application,Is there any data grid with pagination in jquerymobile?

Thank you

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No. Large grids are not usually the best way of displaying data on such a small screen. There are a few options. JqM has tables, you could add in your own custom pagination there. Or you could search SO for questions on JS grid libraries e.g. github.com/mleibman/SlickGrid –  Adam Marshall Oct 17 '13 at 12:44

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Have a look at FooTable ( http://themergency.com/footable/ ). It has pagination as an option as well as the ability to show fewer columns on smaller phones via expandable rows.

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the pagination should be made in your server, no matter how good can be your jquery pagination plugin: it requires all the data to be paginated later in client side causing a mobile overhelming ram and processor due to large data.

the best way to achieve this is in mobile or desktop is:

  1. Start you query: "give the name of the pacient: [Jhon] ", ohh my god, 10.000 Jhon were found in the database. So, instead of returning the entire list having 10.000 records then return a object: { currentpage: 0, pages: 10 , recordsperpage: 1000 } (ok 1000 records per page is a lot, so it is a example)

  2. Then, the same action in your serverside can receive an argument: "page=2" (to receive records) or "page=null" (to return the counter in step1, this is the initial status)

  3. The server side will return records only when a argument is explicit to that point.

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