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I am trying to run Perl script(test.pl) every 1 minute inteval without using crontab. I will not have access to write cron jobs into /etc/cron.d/, so I have started using the Perl module Schedule::Cron.

I have included the code for test.pl in a script that is running continuously and given code like:

my $cron = new Schedule::Cron(sub {}); 
$cron->add_entry("* * * * *",\&test_function); 

The issue is, the


never return backs to the main script and not executing any code that are given after that.

I need a solution for this to run the cron in the backend (using Schedule::Cron)and then return backs to main script for executing the remaining script.

Please help

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This returns immediately to the main script. From Schedule::Cron (detach):

If set to a true value the scheduler process is detached from the current process (UNIX only).

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You need to fork a background (daemon) process. You're blocking that with nofork => 1 though.

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... so, what specifically should the OP do? –  toolic Oct 17 '13 at 12:50
Point taken. Apologies for sloppy writing. –  Mikko Lipasti Oct 17 '13 at 13:03

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