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I have a application that is running slow only over RDP.

This is what I know by now:

  • It is the InitializeComponents() method that is slow
  • App is only slow when RDPs "Use local printers" is enabled.

What I dont know:

  • If it is one statement in the InitializeComponents() method that is slow, or several.

Idealy I would want to retrieve a list over all statements in the method sorted by the one that uses the most time. Ideally I dont want to install any software on the customers server.

Any thoughs?

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You can attach to proccess using Visual Studion remote debugger or you can use JetBrains dotTrace remote profiler feature. Both of this method will require you to run "agent" on client side.

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I will suggest to inspect what are you doing in InitializeComponents. Especially parts when you are creating not-standard windows forms components.

Of course you can use some profiler (for example look at Orsol answer), but probably it will be faster if you add your own code inside InitializeComponents to find out which part is slowing you down.

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Thanks for your reply. I agree with you and Orsol. I'm probably going to have to do profiling to solve this. Thanks for your reply :) – AndersLindas Oct 18 '13 at 6:59
@AndersLindas you do not need to thanks on StackOverflow. Voting up useful or marking as answer is enough. – Piotr Stapp Oct 18 '13 at 7:29

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