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When I position a sound in 3D space with the AudioPanner and then play the sound, does it affect the playback time of the sound?

In example if one sound source is at s1(1,0,0) and the other sound source is at s2(0,200,0) with the listener positioned at L(0,0,0). Then the s1 would be played back first, because the sound has only to travel the distance of 1 whereas the sound of s2 has to travel a distance of 200. So when they are played back at the same time, there should be a difference in playback time.

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Although there is the AudioListener attribute speedOfSound, it does only affect the doppler shift, according to the specification http://www.w3.org/TR/2013/WD-webaudio-20131010/.

So you probably need to calculate yourself, but if someone knows more about this please contribute with another answer. :)

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