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My question is simple,

why I can see any reflow on chrome devtool timeline when I try to get the offset position of a element ?

I've just read this =>

offsetTop, offsetLeft, offsetWidth, offsetHeight, scrollTop/Left/Width/Height, ClientTop/Left/Width/Height, getComputedStyle(), or currentStyle in IE

All of these above are essentially requesting style information about a node, and any time you do it, the browser has to give you the most up-to-date value. In order to do so, it needs to apply all scheduled changes, flush the queue, bite the bullet and do the reflow.

So I open my chrome devtool timeline but I didn't see any recalculate style (purple stuff) when I try this :


The only way to see some rendering is to change the style of the element :

element.style.left = element.offsetLeft + 10 + "px";

I was expecting to see a reflow everytime I try to get the scroll Top of the window but no :/

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I (maybe) found the answer thanks to Christoph

How can I visualize that reading element.offsetWidth causes a recalc/reflow

Ok so if I have understood:

The offsetHeight will flush the rendering queue, if the style information isn't modify (for him and his parents) Then the browser already has the inforamtion and doesn't make a reflow :)

That why we don't see any reflow :)

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