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I have a problem regarding my 2 knockout foreach binding i want to filter it per category.

heres the scenario

var categorySelected = {CategoryId, CategoryName, MeasureName}
var measureperCategoryData = {CategoryId, MeasureId, MeasureName}

    <div class="row" data-bind="foreach: categorySelected">
          <div class="headline">
                <h4 data-bind="text : $data.CategoryName"></h4>
              <div class="row" data-bind="foreach : $root.measureperCategoryData">
                    <label data-bind="text : $data.MeasureName, if : $parent.CategoryId == $data.CategoryId">                  </label>
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What's the problem? –  PW Kad Oct 17 '13 at 13:38
Your first problem is that isn't valid JavaScript. Please post actual, syntactically valid code. –  Matt Burland Oct 17 '13 at 14:00

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This is knockout js the categorySelected and measureperCategoryData are observable array. Actually i found out the reason why it didnt work because it compare the $data.CategoryId recognize as a function so i change it into $parent.CategoryId == $data.CategoryId(). This works.

Thanks Matt and PW for your response. :)

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