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Is there any way to fetch parameters used by stored procedure (can by sample of SQL of PL/SQL)?

From view USER_PROCEDURES I can check only flags, existence and permission to execute but nothing about input parameters and their types.

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[dba][all][user]_arguments data dictionary view allows you to view arguments of stored procedures:

/* test procedure */
create or replace procedure P1(
   p_par1 in number, 
   p_var2 in number, 
   p_cursor out sys_refcursor

/* list all formal parameters of P1 stored procedure */
select argument_name
     , t.position
     , t.data_type
  from user_arguments t
 where object_name = 'P1'


Argument_Name Position  Data_Type 
P_CURSOR      3         REF CURSOR 
P_VAR2        2         NUMBER 
P_PAR1        1         NUMBER 
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