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can anyone help me to figure out how to get query results back in json or xml etc when using the Arc sparql endpoint?

I am using the following code to get the result of my query:

$result = $endPoint->getResult();

I have looked through the code and tried passing some paramaters - trial and error - but can not get anywhere.

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Its ok, i have figured it out - I was using an endpoint when I should have just been using a store.

It would still be interesting to see how you can query the endpoint directly through a php class - i.e. not through a get or post request - and specify what format the results should be in.

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You could ask @bengee on Twitter. –  Gordon Dec 21 '09 at 22:54

I had a exactly same problems, but with Java. I wanted to use the JSon and also to use the timeout from dbpedia, but Jena (as far as I know) had no solution for this...

Well in the end I didn't use any SPARQL library, and just requested to the whole address (http://dbpedia.org/sparql?default-graph-uri=GRAPH&query=QUERY&...&timeout=TIMEOUT&format=FORMAT), and it works (of course)

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