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I am refactoring a legacy and i need to lean on the compiler for a bit. Some settnig in Visual Studio is not working like i want it to work.

file a.c

int main (int i, char** l)

file b.h

//empty header

file b.c

void dostuff(int i);

void dostuff(int i)

a.c does not include the b.h nor does b.h meantion dostuff. Since dostuff is not static the symbol is exported. If i delete b.c the compiling fails.

I would like to set up vs2010 so that it generates an error for a.c because the symbol dostuff was not imported via include.

What setting would do that for me?

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First of all your code should be generating a warning (at level 3) so you should be able to see that something is wrong after compilation from that. If you want an error:

You can add #pragma warning (error : 4013) in your a.c file.

Alternatively add /we4013 to the additional options under Configuration properties->C/C++->Command Line

This treats the warning generated by your code as an error

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The ammount of warnings in that code is staggering. They are all noise and i have to deal with them one by one... the '/we4013' option is exactly what i need. –  Johannes Oct 17 '13 at 15:21

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