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I have a red5 server in daily production and we're interested in how to scale a red5 implementation once the traffic reaches the point where a single server will not handle the load. This also intersects our reliability requirement to have multiple red5 servers available in case of a failure. We will be behind a load balancer with the ability to enforce server affinity at several levels (session, URL, etc)

I've seen the information with edge/origin approach, but I suspect that is more applicable to streaming pre-recorded Video Streams. We use red5 to relay RTMP streams between clients doing live video meetings. I understand from the internals of red5 that it would probably NOT be a good thing to use the edge/origin feature since that that doubles the apparent traffic on the cluster.

My instinct is to try to cluster the red5 servers in such a way that the video conferencing application create a stream endpoint (is that the right nomenclature?) via a REST call to one red5 server, the magic(tm) of clustering kick in and has ALL the members of the cluster create the stream endpoint. The clients (publisher and subscribers), then are routed to the SAME red5 server instance due the to load balancer 1) using server load data to assign the URL to the instance with the lowest load, 2) route all connections from clients persistently to the assigned server, and ONLY on the detected failure of said persistently assigned server, select the next available red5 server to stem we the previous one is determined to have failed.

In this scenario, is this just so easy the I'm too to ignorant of all things tomcat/jboss/java that "this just works automatically"? Is this so hard that I should just go find another solution?

Your thoughts? Please relieve me of my ignorance.

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