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I'd like to port my chrome extension using crossrider. I'd also like to maintain different extension js files instead of one gigantic extension.js file.

I am assuming I can add the extension js files as "Resources".

Is that correct?

Will js functions added to Resource files be automatically accessible within extension.js or do I need to clarify paths?

Or is there a manifest file I can access and modify to let crossrider know that I have multiple extension pages?


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Using resources, you can maintain files such as js, css, html, images, ... and include them as required. You can even maintain them in a folder structure that meet your needs. For more information, see appAPI.resources.

In your scenario to include a js resource file in your extension.js file, simply use appAPI.resources.includeJS and the code is immediately available thereafter in the extension.js file.

For example, if you have a resource file named script.js in a folder named js, you can include it as follows:


appAPI.ready(function($) {
  writeToConsole('Hellow World');

script.js in folder js:

function writeToConsole(msg) {

Disclaimer: I am a Crossrider employee

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Thanks for clarifying! – Cygorger Oct 18 '13 at 17:41
@Shlomo, I've an extension with that working great. Now I want to organize my code in different files used at background scope, however I've seen in the docs that ´appAPI.resources.includeJS´ is not available at background. How can I do? – Diego Mar 13 '14 at 12:51
Currently, for the background scope we suggest trying the following which works in most cases: $.globalEval(appAPI.resources.get('js/script.js')); – Shlomo Mar 13 '14 at 14:08

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