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In my app, there are several calls to database (insert, update, delete). Some of these calls are using methods directly inside onCreate(), onResume() and some are inside asynctasks, threads, handlers (that run repeatedly).

The problem is, I am using flags to avoid as much as possible the open and close error thing, but since my issues are related to server time syncs, the time frame for the responses are not really stable, so I always get the below error every once in a while. (although relatively much much less since I began implementing this approach).

However, I still know this is not a bulletproof way, as there might be conditions (albeit few) a method would close the db, while another running one might assume it shall still be open. What is the most effective way to avoid this issue.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: database /data/data/com.myApp/databases/myDb.db (conn# 0) already closed

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You're trying to use the db when the connection is already: please post your code if you can, otherwise check where you close the connection (I guess multiple times). –  fasteque Oct 17 '13 at 15:38

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