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I have a mayavi object with a number of vertices and I would like to set RGB or RGBA values directly for these vertices, rather than restrict myself to a single colormap with scalars. How can this be accomplished?

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As far as I am aware, there is no documentation for doing this, but I have found a way to do it with only a minimum amount of hacking around. Here is a minimal example, which might require a little tinkering for different kinds of sources:

from tvtk.api import tvtk; from mayavi import mlab; import numpy as np

x,y,z=np.random.random((3,nr_points)) #some data
colors=np.random.randint(256,size=(100,3)) #some RGB or RGBA colors



It also looks like sometimes you have to ensure that the mapper points to the right thing. This is not necessary for the above example, but it may be for other sources


I plan to try to fix this somewhat better so that there is an API exposed to do this, but that could take some time.

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