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I have developed a cross-platform library which makes fair use of type-punning in socket communications. This library is already being used in a number of projects, some of which I may not be aware of.

Using this library incorrectly can result in dangerously Undefined Behavior. I would like to ensure to the best of my ability that this library is being used properly.

Aside from documentation of course, under G++ the best way I'm aware of to do that is to use the -fstrict_aliasing and -Wstrict-aliasing options.

Is there a way under GCC to apply these options at a source file level?

In other words, I'd like to write something like the following:


#ifndef MY_FANCY_LIB_H
#define MY_FANCY_LIB_H

#pragma (something that pushes the current compiler options)
#pragma (something to set -fstrict_aliasing and -Wstrict-aliasing)

// ... my stuff ...

#pragma (something to pop the compiler options)


Is there a way?

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You can try the Diagnostic pragmas and change the level in error for your warnings. More details here:


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This controls the warnings but doesn't seem to be able to set -fno-strict-aliasing –  Matt McNabb Nov 22 '14 at 13:43

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