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I'm working on a rails 4 app that uses websockets, which is based on the tubesock gem and this example app.

I plan to have one websocket for a logical "stream" of data from the server, where the user will navigate to different pages to view different streams.

What (I think) I want to do is start a new thread for each websocket a client opens, and save those threads in a hash or list on the server, so that if a client attempts to re-open the same websocket connection for the same stream again, or navigates to a different stream, I can close the old websocket and open a new one (it's convenient in my app to close/open the websocket rather than keep it around and stream different data, since the source of the stream is a LISTEN channel in postgres).

The problem I'm having is that I'm not sure where to save the hash or list of threads for the currently open websockets. I've tried saving them in an @var in the controller, but this doesn't seem to persist between requests, so a new thread is created on each request. Is this something to do with development vs. production environment in rails?

(Update: I see now that Controller objects are created for each request, so this behavior makes sense)

Is there some other place I should be keeping a list like this?

This is "My First Rails App", so I'm open to other approaches as well.

This is what my controller looks like that is responsible for creating the websocket threads:

class ChatController < ApplicationController
    include Tubesock::Hijack

    def initialize
        @active_sockets = {}

    def chat
        if !params[:sp_id].nil? and (params[:sp_id] != "null")
            sp_id = params[:sp_id]
            # Check if there is an existing socket, and kill it if so
            if @active_sockets.has_key? sp_id
            hijack do |tubesock|
                @active_sockets[sp_id] = Thread.new do
                    tubesock.onopen do
                            ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("LISTEN " + sp_id + ";")
                            loop do
                                ActiveRecord::Base.connection.raw_connection.wait_for_notify do |event, pid, data|
                                    print event, pid, data
                                    tubesock.send_data data
                            ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute "UNLISTEN " + sp_id + ";"

                tubesock.onclose do
                    p 'Closing connection...'

I'm using Rails 4, Ruby 2 and puma for my app server.

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