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I'm creating PDFs with a library, and I know next to nothing about PDF. I've been told by the people at the printers that they are having a problem with 'subsetted' fonts in the PDFs. They want me to embed the entire font to see if this is causing the problem.

First step - I'd like to confirm the fonts are subsetted. Acrobat Reader doesn't give me this info (correction: it's right there in the properties tab). Is there some other utility (or library) that I could use to determine this. I've had a quick look at the command line options for Ghostscript and can't find anything obvious.

I'm creating the pdfs in a C# app - but I'm happy to use any platform to diagnose this (Linux / C / Java / etc).

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I don't have the free one sitting around anywhere, but the full version of Acrobat will certainly give that to you under File > Properties... > Fonts.

Yup, the free one does it, too. alt text

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