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I know that it's possible to print out a build variable (e.g. the TARGET_DEVICE) with

CALLED_FROM_SETUP=true BUILD_SYSTEM=build/core make -f build/core/config.mk dumpvar-TARGET_DEVICE

But how do I print a variable that gets set after the environment setup, therefore during the build system goes over all those Android.mk files, e.g. the variable ALL_MODULES or PRODCUT_PACKAGES.

What I've tried already:

CALLED_FROM_SETUP=true BUILD_SYSTEM=build/core make -f build/core/config.mk dumpvar-ALL_MODULES

CALLED_FROM_SETUP=true make -f build/core/main.mk dumpvar-ALL_MODULES

Both versions don't print anything (but do print something when I check for example TARGET_DEVICE).

So my actual question is how can I show the ALL_MODULES (or any other later set) variable?

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What about adding line


into your Android.mk file?

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Hmm... If I put this into an Android.mk file, I only get the modules added before the file. Of course I could also put it into the build/core/main.mk file into the section after including all the subdir makefiles. But is there a way without modifying/patching the buildsystem? (maybe possible to parse with a script too...) –  Uroc327 Oct 18 '13 at 11:36
If I put this into an Android.mk file, I only get the modules added before the file. but this variable is only set as result of include-ing the Android.mk files. You can put $(info in the last line of the last file that will be loaded by build. –  Alex Cohn Oct 18 '13 at 14:06
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