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I have an older app (originally developed for iOS3, but I've updated it over the years to support new features). Prior to Xcode5 and iOS7, the iPhone 5 displayed properly (ie, I had included the proper launch screen to enable the 4 inch display).

Now, I'm updating the app using Xcode5, and it works properly on iPhone5 running iOS7 and on iPhone 4S running iOS6. However, for an iPhone 5 running iOS6, the app displays as a 3.5 inch app.

I tried updating to an asset catalog and making sure that all the iPhone launch images were accounted for, but no luck.

Any suggestions?

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Have you changed the setting for your project so that it points to the Asset Catalog as the source for your Launch Image? I had the same problem as you have, but it turned out that from switching back and fort due to different problems I ended up thinking I was using the asset catalog when I was not.

In your project, you should see the same as in the picture below.

enter image description here

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