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Is there a way to configure the isolate_namespace method to not use prefixed table names?

class Engine < ::Rails::Engine
  isolate_namespace MyEngine

Additionally, an isolated engine will set its name according to namespace, so MyEngine::Engine.engine_name will be “my_engine”. It will also set MyEngine.table_name_prefix to “my_engine_”, changing the MyEngine::Article model to use the my_engine_articles table.Isolated Engine Docs

When designing a prototype I ran into an issue where I need the routes to use the isolated namespace pattern, but the database tables do not. This is because the mountable engine I am writing has it's own self contained database.

Don't want to dig much further if it's not possible.

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Did a little digging into the Rails Engine codebase to find a solution. If you define a method to specify the table name prefix (in /lib/my_engine.rb), it will just use that instead. So set returning nil works fine.

require "my_engine/engine"

  module MyEngine
    # Don't have prefix method return anything.
    # This will keep Rails Engine from generating all table prefixes with the engines name
    def self.table_name_prefix
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Works! Make sure to keep the method outside the class definition and just in the module block like in the answer. –  Hopstream Dec 20 '13 at 18:41
@keaplogik. Thanks very much. This saved me a lot of trouble. Wish I could upvote more than once. –  ManojGumber Feb 3 at 15:41

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