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What's the best practice for putting additional configuration items, specific to my application, in a twistd ".tac" file? How do I access these items from inside my class?

Is there some property in the "application" object that's intended to store these?

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Create your own twisted.application.service.IService implementation (by subclassing twisted.application.service.Service or just by implementing the correct methods and attributes on a class all of your own). Give this class an __init__ that accepts the application-specific parameters. Launch the rest of your application logic in the startService method that is automatically called when twistd starts the reactor (for all IService objects attached to application). Use the objects you passed to __init__ in startService to get your application going in the right direction.

For example, see the FingerService defined in one of the Twisted tutorials (but unlike that tutorial, don't define all your classes in the .tac file! define them in modules and import them into the .tac file).

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