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I have a C++ CMake project where I use Google Test for unit testing and I'm happy with the XML reports produced using ctest -T Test. Now I would like to implement couple of integration tests that run specific application scenarios and expect a specific output e.g. running a C++ executable with default values should produce a specific output e.g. the following integration_test_01.sh bash shell would be such a test:

 ./my_algorithm > out && grep "mse\=1\.2345e\-6" out 
 if [ $? == 0 ]; then
     echo "integration test succeeded"
     echo "integration test failed" >&2
 rm out | cat

Is there a way to integrate such test with CMake or CTest and maybe even get some XML output?

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With CMake and CTest you can add a test for my_algorithm in the following way:

add_executable(my_algorithm ...)
add_test(NAME integration_test_01 COMMAND my_algorithm)

The output of the command my_algorithm will be checked against the specified regular expression and if the output does not match the test will fail.

When you run tests with ctest -T Test the generated XML report will contain the actual output of the command nested in a <Measurement> tag.

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Excellent answer, thank you! – Giovanni Azua Oct 18 '13 at 18:12

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